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Metsa Board Recognised As World Leader For Corporate.... 25.10.2016
Metsa Board has been identified as a global leader for its actions and strategies in response to climate change and has ....

The multifunctional test station MW 4420 17.10.2016
Based on the microwave resonance technology the system measures the moisture and density (Mass / weight) of tobacco and ....

The WHO's Tobacco Treaty Is Actually a Threat to Public.... 19.09.2016
Secrecy and WHO's reluctance to embrace alternatives to smoking have the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control set up ....

Turks cling to their cigarettes 19.12.2016
Despite progressive efforts in Turkey to counteract habit, smokers are resisting


Display Ban In Latvia 21.04.2016
The parliament of Latvia is considering a bill under which cigarette sellers will be obliged to install new equipment

Large printing house in India opts for H.C. MOOG m.... 21.04.2016
PRAGATI Pack buys multi-function machine 1-TBR Compact. Modular sheet-fed printing machine produces high-quality packagi....

BAT Summarises Performance in 2015 19.04.2016
Net annual profit grew by 37.7% for British American Tobacco to ?4.29 billion (or 6 billion US dollars)

World No Tobacco Day to promote plain packs 17.04.2016
The World Health Organisation plans to promote and facilitate the adoption of plain packaging for tobacco products as th....

UK - Strong growth seen in tobacco packaging 13.04.2016
A global tobacco packaging market average annual expansion rate at around 3 per cent in coming years will create gross s....

Export, Import in Kyrgyzstan 11.04.2016
Kyrgyzstan exported 30 million dollars’ worth of tobacco and tobacco products in 2015, according to the National Statist....

PMI’s iQOS touted as major challenge to cigarettes.... 10.04.2016
The iQOS heat-not-burn product being introduced selectively around the world by Philip Morris International (PMI) has th....

Eastern Tobacco Results 10.04.2016
Eastern Tobacco Company has reported on growth in production by 8.5 per cent

Renamed Imperial Brands unveils website 08.04.2016
The company formerly known as Imperial Tobacco Group unveiled its new look on a website following shareholder approval l....

New production line for Rhodia FilterSorb™ up and .... 06.04.2016
Solvay introduces new production line for Rhodia FilterSorb at the site in Freiburg, Germany.

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