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Metsa Board Recognised As World Leader For Corporate.... 25.10.2016
Metsa Board has been identified as a global leader for its actions and strategies in response to climate change and has ....

The multifunctional test station MW 4420 17.10.2016
Based on the microwave resonance technology the system measures the moisture and density (Mass / weight) of tobacco and ....

The WHO's Tobacco Treaty Is Actually a Threat to Public.... 19.09.2016
Secrecy and WHO's reluctance to embrace alternatives to smoking have the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control set up ....

Turks cling to their cigarettes 19.12.2016
Despite progressive efforts in Turkey to counteract habit, smokers are resisting


EEU Technical Regulations 20.05.2016
The Technical Regulations on Tobacco Products came into effect in the Eurasian Economic Union

Production on the Rise in Armenia 17.05.2016
Tobacco products accounted for some 18.4% of the total output of processing industries in Armenia in January-April 2016

Market Statistics in Tajikistan 14.05.2016
Iraq was the main supplier of tobacco products to the Tajik market

Rospatent Denies BAT 12.05.2016
The Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property confirmed its refusal to register the Taste+ trademark to BAT Russ....

Illicit Tobacco Factory Shut Down in Prison 12.05.2016
Counterfeit excise stamps were used, an examination showed

Australia - Amcor acquires four South American pla.... 11.05.2016
Australian-based Amcor will pay USD 435 million (EUR 385 million) to acquire four South American plants capable of film ....

Moisture Measurement in moving Packages 11.05.2016
Contact-free and mass independent measurement of the moisture in tobacco bales

InterTabac: The hub of the tobacco world 11.05.2016
The leading international trade fair attracts trade visitors to Dortmund

EU moves closer to taxing e-cigarettes 10.05.2016
European Union finance ministers asked the EU Commission to decide by next year whether to propose levying excise tax on....

Cigarettes Seized in Taganrog 10.05.2016
A crime group that organised trade in counterfeit tobacco products was detained in Taganrog, Rostov Region.

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