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Philip Morris Germany to speak at TJI Campus 20.09.2017
Maximilian Jell, head of regulatory affairs and reduced risk products at Philip Morris GmbH (PMG), will hold a presentat....

Usman-Tabak Development 18.09.2017
The Usman-Tabak factory in Lipetsk increased revenue to 1.1 billion roubles last year, according to the company’s ....

Former WHO executive to head new foundation 18.09.2017
Dr Derek Yach, a key architect of WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), founded and will head an anti-sm....

Being anti-smoking damages your mental health 12.09.2017
Ten years on from the ban, the fanatics still want more


New bans in Tajikistan 31.08.2017
The new law suggests a ban on selling tobacco products to people under 18

Ukrainian Customs ‘Successes’ 28.08.2017
Cigarettes from Armenia passed the Georgian territory without trouble, but were seized in a port in the Odessa Region wi....

Illegal Production Facility Discovered near Riga 24.08.2017
It is the first time a major facility like this is found in Baltic states

Russians Negative about Plain Packs 23.08.2017
Two-thirds of Russian residents (67%) think that introducing plain cigarette packaging would be an excessive measure to ....

Licences were cancelled for import 21.08.2017
In Azerbaijan Licences were cancelled for import, transit, and export of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products

Minimum Cigarette Prices to Be Raised in Kazakhsta.... 18.08.2017
The minimum price will be raised by 20 tenge to 380 tenge

Number of smokers rises, despite plain-packs and t.... 16.08.2017
A nearly unchanged smoking rate in a growing population has increased the number of smokers despite some of the world&rs....

Large-scale Illegal Production in Russia 15.08.2017
The police carried out plenty raids and discovered illicit factories in many different regions

In Zimbabwe tobacco volume 7 per cent below year a.... 14.08.2017
This year’s official target of 206 million kg may not be met

Ukraine to Monitor Trade in Tobacco 11.08.2017
The draft law provides for introducing an automated system for monitoring the circulation of excisable goods

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