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Philip Morris Germany to speak at TJI Campus 20.09.2017
Maximilian Jell, head of regulatory affairs and reduced risk products at Philip Morris GmbH (PMG), will hold a presentat....

EU moves closer to taxing e-cigarettes 10.05.2016
European Union finance ministers asked the EU Commission to decide by next year whether to propose levying excise tax on....

E-liquids with a pedigree 02.04.2016
After 40 years creating flavours for the tobacco industry, US flavour house Tobacco Technology, Inc. has just opened its....

Fontem Ventures and Nicoventures settle patent dis.... 21.03.2016
Fontem Ventures, the Imperial Brands unit that holds patents developed by e-cigarette pioneer Hon Lik, announced a settl....

UK - Nerudia and Broughton unveil TPD partnership 10.03.2016
Nerudia, which develops nicotine products, and Broughton Laboratories announced a strategic partnership to help e-cigare....

Sweden - Court strikes down e-cigarette ban 19.02.2016
The Supreme Administrative Court ruled e-cigarettes are not a medicine, and therefore the National Drug Agency has no au....

High court in Germany blocks sale of e-liquids 09.02.2016
The Federal High Court of Justice (BGH) ruled sales of e-liquids containing nicotine violate current law governing allow....

California’s proposal to tax e-cigs 27.08.2015
A proposal to increase the state tobacco tax by USD 2 per package is back before the California legislature, this time t....

BAT to begin distributing Voke 23.08.2015
BAT is on track to become the first cigarette company to market a medically approved device

BSI releases e-cig quality guidelines 20.07.2015
The British Standards Institution (BSI) in collaboration with the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA....

ICAO prohibits vaping devices in checked bags 16.06.2015
E-cigarettes will be prohibited in checked baggage aboard aircraft from 15 June

E-liquid product from Pax Labs 11.05.2015
Pax Labs left tobacco out of its latest product and joined the world of e-liquid

E-liquid plant to begin production 16.04.2015
Electronic cigarette maker eSmokingWorld, a unit of China’s Chic Group, will begin making nicotine liquids later i....

Nu Mark launches advocacy website 31.03.2015
Altria subsidiary launched a ‘Vaper Rights’ website

Ploom expands leadership team 13.02.2015
Ploom added two senior executives

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