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«The market for filters and specialty cigarette filters.... 01.08.2017
Interview with Patrick Meredith, Innovations Director of Essentra

Adding flavour 12.10.2016
Cigarette flavouring cards by Frizc Flavor have intrigued visitors at the previous two InterTabac events. Sauli Virta, sales director at OPES Corporation, the company behind the cards, tells TJI how far this product has come since its debut.

Molins back in packaging 27.09.2016
Interview with Adriano Fanzellu, regional sales manager at Molins Tobacco Machinery, about the recent change in direction.

The Big Vape 15.08.2016
Managing Director of The London Vape Co. Anthony Mixides attributes the firm's success to customer service, the up-to-date advice that it delivers and the fact that it offers the latest vapor products.

«Our primary and most important distribution channel.... 15.07.2016
Interview with Martin Kaufmann from Oettinger Davidoff AG

Interview with Manuel Peitsch 15.06.2016
Interview with Manuel Peitsch, Chief Scientific Officer Philip Morris International

«In Russia the focus lays mostly on flavored tobac.... 13.05.2016
Interview with Samuel Vanryckeghem, Export Sales Manager at Twist Tobacco

This year was just the beginning 15.04.2016
Interview with Ingo Karsten, CEO of Düsseldorf-based e-cigarette manufacturer, Posh Global

A product and a vision 07.12.2015
Interview with Adam Bowen, chief technical officer and co-founder of Pax Labs, and Gal Cohen, head of scientific and regulatory affairs.

«It doesn’t matter if this is a medicinal or tobacco.... 28.09.2015
The parent company of the Chinese firm SPV is Huabao, a major producer of tobacco and flavours for the tobacco (and food) industry in China. Huabao began to manufacture new products in the segment of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) as far back as four years ago. SPV was officially registered as a company in 2014. This became the symbol of the group’s entering a new era of manufacture of non-tobacco consumer products. The main purpose of SPV is manufacture of e-liquids and smokeless tobacco (snus and chewing tobacco). We offer our readers an interview with Jackie Zhuang, Deputy General Manager of SPV, a Huabao Company , conducted at Vapexpo in Moscow in June 2015.

A desire to save the customer money 17.08.2015

At Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG, endless conveyors are the central product around which everything revolves. Under the Esband brand, the company produces and sells drive belts, conveyor belts, special belts, garniture tapes and suction tapes. The special aspect is that a unique production method guarantees products with an absolutely homogenous material quality.

«Still much room for optimization» 10.07.2015

Riedel Filtertechnik develops and builds innovative solutions for the de-dusting and cleaning of exhaust air. It is a key supplier for the tobacco industry providing modem technology for many purposes in both primary and secondary. In line with many companies supplying the tobacco industry, Riedel is noticing a lack of new sites to install its equipment, but maintains that there is still every reason to be optimistic.

Natural sources, but please, no manure 20.06.2015
Fielding Daniel directs leaf purchasing at Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company (SFNTC), a pioneer in organic tobacco methods and maker of Natural American Spirit products. Organic growing requires commitment that begins with preparing the land. Daniel spoke to TJI about what it takes to grow certified organic

Keeping the boffins busy 15.05.2015
Innovation is not optional for a leading flavour house Hertz Flavors, located in Reinbek near Hamburg, is a family-owned business established in the early 1950s. Employing over 60 people, it designs and produces a wide range of flavours for various tobacco and related applications. Philipp Hertz, Vice President of the company, explains more about what the company is doing in terms of innovation in the tobacco sector

Turbocharged 2 15.04.2015
Zandera a rapidly growing U.K.-based e-cigarette manufacturer best known for its popular E-Lites brand. Vapor Voice caught up with Zandera founders Adrian Everett and Michael Ryan—and asked them about their plans.

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