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Being anti-smoking damages your mental health 12.09.2017
Ten years on from the ban, the fanatics still want more

Investors who quit the tobacco sector haven’t bene.... 22.08.2017
It’s nearly a decade since the public smoking ban was implemented in England and while it’s good for your health, investors who stubbed out the sector have missed out on returns

Thoughts On GFN 11.07.2017
Last weekend I was in Warsaw for the annual Global Forum on Nicotine. This was the fourth year the event has run and I’ve attended all of them except the first. For a variety of reasons this was the most optimistic one so far, and although there haven’t really been any great advances in the health science since last year the conference had a less tense atmosphere than previously.

Plain packaging doesn’t work 28.05.2017
Canadian journalist Yael Ossowsky cites international examples of where the plain packaging of cigarettes, while seeming to work initially, failed dismally in reducing harmful tobacco consumption.

Turks cling to their cigarettes 19.12.2016
Despite progressive efforts in Turkey to counteract habit, smokers are resisting

We Can Be Heroes 24.06.2016
Thoughts on the nicotine revolution

Making the Grade 25.04.2016
AmeriNic is the first company capable of supplying the vapor industry with American-made USP-grade nicotine in commercial quantities.

Is Vaping a Dying Fad 05.02.2016
As 2015 draws to a close, one thread in the vape narrative that has taken hold in the media is that vaping may be a dying fad. The fad characterization has been suggested throughout vaping’s short history but high growth rates in recent years have been a great defense against such claims. However, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “E-cigarette Sales Rapidly Lose Steam,” by Tripp Mickle points to declining sales of cig-a-likes and doubts about VTM sales growth as indicators that the industry may be in trouble.

Tobacco Companies Fight New U.K. Curbs 15.12.2015
LONDON—Big Tobacco's legal challenge against the U.K.'s plain-packaging laws kicked off Thursday in a hearing that involves arguments about trademark protection and property deprivation.

Hazard or help: For e-cig, a hazy line 02.10.2015
Are e-cigarettes a savior for smokers, a lurking global danger ...or both?

Inside PM USA 07.09.2015
Philip Morris USA’s central cigarette manufacturing plant supplies half the cigarettes sold in the United States. Opened 42 years ago, the plant still offers the industry a model of efficiency on a very, very large scale

Not-quite-plain packs 10.08.2015
Super-sized graphic health warning labels on tobacco products seem to have become something of a trend – particularly in nations in Southern Asia. Some would argue that such measures are no less effective than plain packs. They are certainly no less controversial

FCTC - 10 years on 13.07.2015
Ten years of tobacco control via international treaty was marked by a virulent activism that shut the industry and growers out of deliberations on curtailing their future. Now a maturing pact must find the money to pay for its actions

Clandestine cigarette makers come in from the cold.... 17.06.2015
Cigarette smuggling in Europe has evolved and diversified over the past 10 years, and international cooperation is often the best way to counter it, say EU anti-fraud officials. Meanwhile, the tobacco industry has accepted that liaising with these initiatives can bring benefits

Chinese cigs take colourful flight 22.04.2015
Chinese tobacco products are some of the most visually appealing available on the market today and they are now available to travellers around the globe thanks to specialist duty free export companies such as China International Duty Free (CIDF)

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