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Events Survey
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Inter-tabac 2016 14.10.2016
InterTabac was once again the meeting place for the international tobacco industry and InterSupply has successfully developed.

Forum in Warsaw 28.09.2016
The third Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN 2016) took place in Warsaw in the middle of June

Solvay Regional Colloquium in St Petersburg 10.08.2016
The Regional Filter Colloquium took place in St Petersburg, Russia, on 26-27 May 2016

Vapexpo Moscow 2016 18.07.2016
Sokolniki was full of vapour on 24 and 25 June. Vapexpo Moscow, an exhibition of and conference on electronic inhalers, was held there for the third time

Hookah Battle 23.05.2016
The hookah exhibition in Frankfurt did not become the centre of attraction for the e-cigarette business

Dortmund 2015 28.09.2015
Another InterTabac show took place and InterSupply made its debut in Germany

Vapexpo-2015 in Moscow 02.07.2015
Moscow sees the first vaping exhibition and conference Vapexpo-2015

Full steam ahead 26.06.2015
A young crowd and the absence of nicotine in many products on display set HookahFair meets VaporFair apart from most tobacco events. Even mainstream shisha appeared to take a back seat to electronic vaping alternatives like e-heads at this fast-growing European trade show

Nicotine Forum in Warsaw 25.06.2015
The Second Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) took place in Warsaw in early June

Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed 30.05.2015
The traditional annual meeting of the Russian tobacco industry, dedicated this year to the 14th anniversary of Russian Tobacco, took place on 27 May 2015 in the wonderful restaurant El Gauchito in Povarskaya Street in Moscow. The programme was quite modest: an award ceremony for winners in the 2014 online survey and a small stand-up buffet.

Philip Morris Izhora Anniversary 25.04.2015
One of the most successful and efficient foreign investment projects in Russia is celebrating an anniversary and summing up its operation for 15 years.

XVII Festival del Habano 20.03.2015
Festival del Habano is the most important event for cigar aficionados. It first took place in 1999 and has since been held every year during the last week of February. The Festival occurred the 17th time in 2015.

Conference on E-cigarettes in Germany 20.02.2015
TJI Tobacco Campus, a two-day conference between specialists titled “The Next Generation of E-cigarettes and Modified Risk Tobacco Products,” took place in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt, Germany, in early December 2014.

Star Tobacco International opens its Indonesian Headquarters.... 14.01.2015
Star Tobacco International officially opened its new Sale & Marketing Headquarters in Bali Denpasar today, with a launch party attended by various members of the Indonesian Tobacco Industry

Inter-tabac 2014 15.10.2014
The show expands and brings in new themes. It is the second time Russian Tobacco takes part in the Inter-tabac trade fair

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