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Swedish Match acquires Danish smokeless company 15.09.2017
Swedish Match bought V2 Tobacco of Denmark, a maker of smokeless products with a presence in more than 25 mostly Europea....

Government rescinds tobacco brand ban in France 17.07.2017
The government has annulled a ban on selected tobacco brands including Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s (STG’s) Caf? C....

KT&G to launch heat-not-burn product in September 08.06.2017
KT&G, Korea’s largest cigarette maker, plans to introduce a tobacco heating device in September to be able to ....

Habanos 2016 sales up 5 per cent 28.02.2017
Habanos bucked a downward trend in luxury goods last year as sales of its Cuban cigars rose 5 per cent to USD 445 millio....

Swedish Match forecasts higher snus, moist-snuff v.... 20.02.2017
Swedish Match forecast higher volumes this year for Scandinavian snus and moist-snuff sold in the US, but a continuing d....

Court acquits KT&G chief in bribery case 02.02.2017
A Seoul district court has acquitted KT&G Chief Executive Officer Baek Bok-in of bribery charges, saying testimony b....

The WHO's Tobacco Treaty Is Actually a Threat to Public.... 19.09.2016
Secrecy and WHO's reluctance to embrace alternatives to smoking have the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control set up ....

Korea -- Esse sales account for one third of world.... 04.08.2016
Sales of KT&G’s Esse brand represent more than one third of the global slim-cigarette market, the Korea Herald....

Swedish Match petitions for ruling on EU snus ban 05.07.2016
Swedish Match mounted a legal challenge to the European Union’s ban on snus by petitioning a British court to refer its ....

Tabacuba invests to ready for US market opening 28.06.2016
Tabaco de Cuba (Tabacuba) has embarked on a capital investment programme to streamline production for domestic consumpti....

KT&G CEO Baek among those indicted for bribery 06.06.2016
KT&G Corp Chief Executive Officer Baek Bok-in and former CEO Min Young-in are among 42 persons connected with the cigare....

Bulgartabac Leaves Bulgaria 28.05.2016
Workers intend to continue protests

Eastern Tobacco Results 10.04.2016
Eastern Tobacco Company has reported on growth in production by 8.5 per cent

New KT&G chief Baek vows transparency 12.10.2015
Bok-in Baek, approved as president of KT&G at an extraordinary shareholders meeting, promised greater transparency f....

Strong dollar and cigars boost Swedish Match profi.... 19.07.2015
Foreign exchange earnings from US sales of Swedish Match snus and moist snuff and a booming cigar market backed a 9 per ....

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