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Manufacturers Ask for Measures 11.09.2017
The share of the illegal segment in the Russian tobacco industry was almost 5% in the first quarter of 2017

Russians Negative about Plain Packs 23.08.2017
Two-thirds of Russian residents (67%) think that introducing plain cigarette packaging would be an excessive measure to ....

Press Distributors Protest against New Trade Restr.... 08.08.2017
The Russian Association of Distributors of Printed Products (ADPP) applied to the adviser to the Russian President

Tobacco Companies Fall Out on a Grand Scale 01.08.2017
They disagree over the notion of a minimum cigarette price

New Standard for Heated Tobacco 15.05.2017
A national standard for heated tobacco was approved in Russia

Manufacturing Results for 2016 05.04.2017
Total cigarette and papirosa production in Russia was 336.2 billion pieces

Cigarette consumption in UK lowest since 1974 08.03.2017
Average daily cigarette consumption fell to its lowest level since 1974, according to newly released government data tha....

Manufacturing Statistics Anomaly 23.08.2016
There is a sensation in Russia: cigarette production grew in the first half of the year

Extortionist from United Russia in Tambov 02.07.2016
According to preliminary information, the amount of tax underpaid by Morshansk Tobacco Factory in 2012-2014 plus respect....

Illicit Range Leader 01.07.2016
The non-filter cigarette brand Prima has become the leader of the illicit tobacco market in Russia

Exactly Twenty! 08.06.2016
The parliament has passed in all reading a bill that prohibits retail trade in cigarettes in packs of more than 20 piece....

EEU Technical Regulations 20.05.2016
The Technical Regulations on Tobacco Products came into effect in the Eurasian Economic Union

Excises 2016 03.04.2016
The rates of excise on cigarettes will grow by 25% from the start of the year.

Ban on Cigarette Export to Ukraine 10.02.2016
The directive of the Cabinet banning the import of a number of Russian goods into Ukraine took effect on 10 January 2016....

Brand Strength 16.10.2015
Russians are switching to cheap cigarettes under the influence of the unfortunate situation in the economy and growth in....

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