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Usman-Tabak Development 18.09.2017
The Usman-Tabak factory in Lipetsk increased revenue to 1.1 billion roubles last year, according to the company’s ....

Swedish Match acquires Danish smokeless company 15.09.2017
Swedish Match bought V2 Tobacco of Denmark, a maker of smokeless products with a presence in more than 25 mostly Europea....

PMI reiterates Teeps to debut this year 14.09.2017
Philip Morris International remains on target to launch the Teeps pressed carbon tobacco heater and a non-tobacco nicoti....

PMI to combat illegal trade 12.09.2017
Philip Morris International (PMI) began distributing USD 100 million (EUR 84 million) under its PMI Impact programme to ....

Criminal Case against Tobacco Factory 11.09.2017
The Investigation Committee of Russia for the Tambov Region opened a case of tax evasion against Morshansk Tobacco Facto....

Union Tobacco Factory Cigarettes Seized 08.09.2017
A local cigarette manufacturer was informed by court bailiffs that enforcement proceedings had been launched against it,....

UK - Serious Fraud Office investigating BAT 01.08.2017
British American Tobacco (BAT) is the subject of a formal investigation by the Serious Fraud Office, the SFO said.

JTI launches Ploom Tech in Switzerland 21.07.2017
Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has begun marketing its Ploom Tech tobacco vapour product in Switzerland, which the co....

Shareholders approve BAT-RAI merger 19.07.2017
British American Tobacco and Reynolds American Inc shareholders approved BAT’s acquisition of the 57.8 per cent of....

Government rescinds tobacco brand ban in France 17.07.2017
The government has annulled a ban on selected tobacco brands including Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s (STG’s) Caf? C....

Philippines -- JT in talks to acquire Mighty Corp 12.07.2017
Japan Tobacco (JT) is in talks to acquire Mighty Corp for PHP 45 billion (EUR 775 million) in a deal which would allow t....

PMI to build USD 320 mn plant in Germany 20.06.2017
Philip Morris International will invest USD 320 million (EUR 286 million) in a new German plant to make tobacco heating ....

KT&G to launch heat-not-burn product in September 08.06.2017
KT&G, Korea’s largest cigarette maker, plans to introduce a tobacco heating device in September to be able to ....

Imperial Tobacco Violates Advertising Act 01.06.2017
Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia ordered it to discontinue the violation

Japan - JT to launch Ploom tobacco heater in Tokyo.... 23.05.2017
Japan Tobacco (JT) will expand brick-and-mortar sales of Ploom TECH to Tokyo in late June and expects to launch its toba....

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