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Philip Morris Germany to speak at TJI Campus 20.09.2017
Maximilian Jell, head of regulatory affairs and reduced risk products at Philip Morris GmbH (PMG), will hold a presentat....

Usman-Tabak Development 18.09.2017
The Usman-Tabak factory in Lipetsk increased revenue to 1.1 billion roubles last year, according to the company’s ....

Former WHO executive to head new foundation 18.09.2017
Dr Derek Yach, a key architect of WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), founded and will head an anti-sm....

Being anti-smoking damages your mental health 12.09.2017
Ten years on from the ban, the fanatics still want more


Swedish Match acquires Danish smokeless company 15.09.2017
Swedish Match bought V2 Tobacco of Denmark, a maker of smokeless products with a presence in more than 25 mostly Europea....

PMI reiterates Teeps to debut this year 14.09.2017
Philip Morris International remains on target to launch the Teeps pressed carbon tobacco heater and a non-tobacco nicoti....

New shadow market leader 13.09.2017
Ukraine became the largest supplier of illicit tobacco to the European countries in 2016

PMI to combat illegal trade 12.09.2017
Philip Morris International (PMI) began distributing USD 100 million (EUR 84 million) under its PMI Impact programme to ....

Criminal Case against Tobacco Factory 11.09.2017
The Investigation Committee of Russia for the Tambov Region opened a case of tax evasion against Morshansk Tobacco Facto....

E-liquids to Be Labelled in Belarus 11.09.2017
All liquids for electronic cigarettes sold in Belarus must be labelled with control signs

Manufacturers Ask for Measures 11.09.2017
The share of the illegal segment in the Russian tobacco industry was almost 5% in the first quarter of 2017

Still among Smuggling Leaders 09.09.2017
Moldova is one of the five countries with the largest volumes of contraband cigarettes supplied to European countries

Union Tobacco Factory Cigarettes Seized 08.09.2017
A local cigarette manufacturer was informed by court bailiffs that enforcement proceedings had been launched against it,....

Total ban 05.09.2017
The Parliament of Georgia passed amendments to the Tobacco Control Act

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